Twin Flame Union Activations


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As we transition into the Age of Aquarius, our solar system enters back into the Photon Belt, an area of increased light energy in our galaxy. Each soul receiving this light is returning back to the core truth of the self. Each soul is yin + yang, feminine + masculine. In order to survive as conscious beings in this new age, each soul must unify the feminine + masculine within. The Twin Flame Journey is the deepest alchemical journey back to this core truth of self. The masculine must accept + love his feminine + the feminine must accept + love her masculine, as they are simply representing polarities of one another in order to teach the soul about itself.

At this time, many are being called to heal through this Twin Flame journey within in order to unite with their physical twin out in the world.

These 30 minute + 60 minute activation sessions provide you the opportunity to speak with + be activated by me, a Divine Masculine on the Twin Flame Journey. My goal in these sessions is to provide clarity + truth through intuitive channeling between my higher self + yours so that you can step further into this unity within yourself which then will help you step more fully into your divinity.

All sessions are recorded + sent to you after the sessions via WeTransfer.

Follow Up Sessions for returning clients are at a discounted rate of $60 for 30 minutes + $120 for 60 minutes. The link to schedule your follow up session at this discounted rate is provided in an email to you after your first session.

To order + schedule your first Twin Flame Activation with me, please use the embedded calendar below.

Questions? Contact me via email