Saturn Return All-Inclusive Coaching Package


We are all made of stardust. Each of us has a unique combination. Want to know more about yours? In this one hour full birth chart reading, Keenan takes you deep into the makings of your astrological DNA, discussing with you what energies challenge you, what energies free you and how you can use these energies to see yourself rise into your highest self.





If you have Saturn in Capricorn in your birth chart OR are between the ages of 26-29, 55-58, you are about to enter your Saturn Return. 


The Saturn Return can be rough, but you have the potential to come out of it so much stronger if you put in the work, take responsibility for yourself + own your own power.


My Saturn Return empowered me, through learning astrology, to see myself for WHO I AM, step into MY TRUTH + BUILD a life that reflects my TRUE desires + wishes.


I want YOURS to do the same for YOU.


Please schedule your FREE 20 minute consultation below via the 1st scheduler below before returning to this page to order your first session via the 2nd scheduler below. Thank you.


“Part of the transformation over the past year has been learning about the Universe and its’ stars. This is my mentor when it comes to that. Keenan is a freaking joy.”
— Jasmine Jonte.



Q: How are the sessions conducted? 


A: Sessions are available by phone, FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts or audio/video recording. Dr. Boswell will contact you in advance of your session to determine which method would work best. 


Q: How will the session be scheduled? 


A: Once you click PURCHASE you will have the opportunity to suggest a time and date that works best for you. Dr. Boswell will then contact you within 24 hours of receipt to confirm. 


Q: Can I get a recording of my session? 


A: YES! Digital recordings are now available for all sessions! Please allow 7-10 days for delivery. 


Q: Something came up since my last session...can I email you? 


A: If you've already had a reading, we offer a 20-minute follow-up session for $20. One per full-length reading, existing clients only. Click here to purchase a follow-up session. 


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