Dr. Keenan Boswell is an intuitive healer who uses the medium of astrology to activate, guide + council awakening souls on their journey home to self.

Dr. Keenan, like many others, began his journey home to self at birth. He teaches in his astrology classes about how the entire zodiac wheel is a return back to the self. From your birth into this world (Aries) to the end of life (Pisces), your soul evolves itself through many alchemical experiences in order to become its most authentic form. The beginning of Dr. Keenan’s journey in this life consisted of alchemical experiences in the field of professional music. At 11 years old, he performed on the greatest organs of ancient cathedrals throughout England + France. Two years later, he premiered an organ concerto with the Oakland Youth Orchestra. At age 18, Dr. Keenan played noon mass at the Vatican + shortly after applied, auditioned for + was accepted into the Juilliard School. Thus began the transmutation process of expanding beyond musical performance. 5 years later, Dr. Keenan began doctoral studies at the University of Texas + simultaneously dove into independently studying a budding interest: astrology.

Dr. Keenan’s study of astrology began as a personal desire to become his truest self. As with anything he is passionate about, Dr. Keenan began sharing his joy of these studies with anyone + everyone who would listen. He found himself reading for friends, studying the synastry charts of relationships + finding more + more clarity on his purpose. In 2016, Dr. Keenan received a Doctorate in Opera Coaching from the University of Texas + now works happily as a freelance professional musician in order to allow space for his astrology work.

Since launching his astrology work as a business in 2017, Dr. Keenan has read for over 100 journeying souls, gained nearly 10,000 followers on Instagram + has been featured on podcasts + YouTube channels such as The Peace Dealer along with maintaining regular videos on his own YouTube channel. January 2019 saw the launch of Dr. Keenan’s Astrology Archetypes 101 class + has received steady interest + positive feedback since its launch.

As the world continues to ascend + evolve, so do Dr. Keenan’s goals for his work as a healer. He believes in teaching astrology not as a means of belief but as a means of personal/collective transmutation + evolution. It may be only a few years off that he will be teaching classes on the esoteric meaning of previously undiscovered star systems as it pertains to this continued journey home to self.